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Find a nearby ride in minutes. Zip through traffic and arrive at your destination on time. Just download MUV!

About MUV

We have evolved from a service that connects multiple areas of your life touches every segment of society. With just few taps on the app we will take you to the world of seamless possibilities. Let’s get on a mission to bring people together through transportation.

So, you can can glide through the traffic in minutes, make deliveries and get more than just a ride with MUV Rewards. Unlock irresistible/exclusive deals & offer and win free gifts.

Our Features

Discover/Meet a new friend everyday.

Save Time

MUV lets you beat traffic by making use of best routes possible, since our bikes can take shortcuts and zip through traffic.

Affordable and Reliable

MUV provides a secure and reliable service with a affordable pricing policy that you will definitely love.

Available Rides Nearby

There is always a MUV bike around the corner for you. View all nearby rides from your MUV app.

How MUV Works?

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