Why will you work with MUV?

Working with MUV, we will help to create and improve the community of bikers. The ultimate goal is to improve the image of bikers in our society through our services. In addition to this, a biker can earn up to Tk. 25,000 per month as a bike partner.

Benefits of working with MUV:

One of the many benefits of being a MUV Biker is to receive instant cash payment from the customer. Additional benefits will include free monthly internet, and lots of goodies! In addition to this, there will be bonus for active bikers!

Here is what other Bikers have to say about MUV:

My hobby is to ride my bike. MUV helps me earn while I do what I love. Thanks MUV!
Shainav Kabir
Shainav Kabir

How to Register?

Download and install the "MUV Partner" App from Play Store. Provide the information required and your account will be active, as soon as it is verified. After verification, just get on-line and get MUVing!