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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?

For Client app, all the registration can be done via the respective apps. Just provide correct information such as Name, Address to register successfully.

For Partner app, please provide all the necessary images of the documents needed (driving license, bike papers etc)

How is the fare calculated?

Fare calculation goes as follows:
49 tk for first 2 KM, 12tk per KM, 0.49tk Per Min after crossing 2 KM

How to refer another client/biker?

Visit Referral Bonus page and share your personal code via any medium you prefer (Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Text message etc). The referred person must use this code while registration to avail the bonuses related to the referrals.

How to review a ride?

Had any problem with our rides? Go to Ride History and press the Review button to let us know in details about any inconveniences that you might have faced which will enable us to take further actions more swiftly.

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