Referral bonus

Now you can easily share Referral Code and get a bonus! Simply share your referral code with your biker or send the referral code via SMS to your biker!

Step 1

Check out our newest addition, Referral Bonus!

Step 2:

Invite a biker by sharing you referral code or sending SMS via phone number. Just enter your bikers' phone number and hit "Invite Biker"

Step 3:

After your referred biker has completed 5 rides, you will be able to claim your bonus. To claim the bonus, press "Claim Bonus". Your request will then be processed as soon as possible!

Step 4:

After you have received your bonus, you will see the "Claim Bonus" button changed to "Bonus Claimed". Your request for claiming the bonus has been processed

Step 5:

To verify, check Transaction History to see the bonus amount added to your wallet

Invite as many bikers as you want!

You will get the bonus for each individual biker who completes 5 rides, meaning more bikers, more bonuses!

Bonus added to MUV Wallet

You can cash-out the bonus after it has been added. To know about Cashout System, visit