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Fare Policy:

To provide the most cost effective solution, MUV charges by kilometer traveled and on duration of the entire ride. This ensure, you only pay for the appropriate amount of service taken. There is no hidden charge, and we do not charge on cancellation, or scheduled rides. Our rates are flat through out the day and no surge pricing is applied.

First 2 km


First 2 km



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Find a Ride in Minutes!

From our App, you can request a nearby MUV partner bike to pick you up and drop you off at your desired location. There is always a bike near you and we promise the best rates possible. So you can rely on MUV for convenience every day!

How MUV works:

MUV has a community of partner bikers who provides you with daily transportation needs. We properly verify our partners, so that you have a safe and reliable experience. MUV has partner bikers from every location in Dhaka, so that anyone can get a rider nearest to them.